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World Blockchain Conference

Nothing in the open-sourced community is more important than understanding and growth. The Global Blockchain Conference is this year’s premier world blockchain conference. Leaders from around the world are speaking in Denver on October 4 and October 5, 2019 on everything from security to deployment.

What is blockchain?

The blockchain is a distributed system for the security and storage of vital pieces of information. While the system can run code, it is not meant to act in the same manner as Hadoop. Instead, it acts to secure financial transactions and promote privacy on a wide range of applications.

Blockchain is not merely meant for the financial world. A growing number of applications plan to make use of this technology.

Be part of a growing technology

Blockchain is still booming. Groups strive to grow beyond cryptocurrencies to create an ecosystem that promotes internets built on information security, privacy, and trust.

As the technology evolves, we need your help to keep up with an increasing number of issues. Our experts seek to grow adaption of this exciting technology.

Listen to Experts on the Blockchain

The Global Blockchain Conference brings together current thought leaders to help grow our community and present critical topics. Presenters include Forrest Senti of the National Cybersecurity Center and Tanya Woods of the Chamber of Digital Commerce in Canada.

Our presenters are well-versed and well-educate in security, financial transactions, and development. The entire community can benefit from the knowledge of our speakers.

Learn about security and dispel misunderstandings

As blockchain is relatively new in the realms of financial transactions and information security, there are many misconceptions about its use. It is not a distributed processing system or a way to abstract web flows.

Our speakers create a better basis to help everyone move forward on the same set of knowledge. It is time to create and promote standards for security, usage, and development. The Global Blockchain Conference is a small stepping-stone on the path to broader adoption.

Information on hashgraph and Ethereum

Among the many topics to be discussed at the Global Blockchain Conference are hashgraph and Ethereum. One seeks to create a gold standard of security across the blockchain while the other wishes to be the premier open-sourced platform for deployment of secure applications across any internet.

Together these topics present a powerful stepping-stone for any developer. Security and stable platforms for the creation of applications are among the most pressing concerns for most looking to start their applications.

World Blockchain Conference in Denver

The Global Blockchain Conference just outside of Denver in Westminster, Colorado places you in the heart of the state’s Silicon Valley. Hear from a range of speakers on pressing issues surrounding one of the decade’s most important technologies and network with like-minded peers.

Information security, financial technology, and privacy are pressing concerns. The blockchain offers a building block for the future of secure programming. Attending the Global Blockchain Conference on October 3 and October 4 is a must. Visit our website for more information.


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