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You may have seen one of the many cash for gold ads on TV or heard one on the radio that has made you start thinking about getting some cold, hard cash for your gold items. If you are thinking about selling your gold to a NYC gold buyer, consider the ones who pay their customers the guaranteed highest price for gold. Buyers of New York will pay cash for your gold items in their shop.
Located in midtown Manhattan, Buyers of New York is open 6 days a week and has a friendly staff that will accommodate your needs and greet you like a friend. You can relax while their reputable gold buyer weighs and tests your items to maximize your profits. Buyers of New York has been in the gold buying game for a lot of years and are the leading buyers in NYC. When it comes to paying the most for your gold items, they are rated #1 at paying cash for gold.
If you’re interested in getting cash for your gold jewelry or other items, there are many gold buyers that claim to offer the best and highest payout. You have to be aware of a few factors when selling your gold online or in person:
– Broken gold is worth just as much as any kind of gold, whether it is new, brand new or never worn- it doesn’t matter. Gold is worth the same in any condition.
– Buyers of New York displays their prices proudly on their website for customers to see. Do other gold buyers offer this service?
– Buyers of New York always strives for customer satisfaction and shows their reviews across all platforms.
– Know the current gold price, and determine what karat your gold is. Your gold will be tested in front of you when you come to the office, assuring you that you will be paid the highest price for your gold.
– Weigh your gold before you come in to the office, so there won’t be any surprises when it comes time for you to get cash for your gold.
Following these steps will ensure that when you sell your items you will be getting the highest amount possible for your gold.
Buyers of New York is the best place to get cash for your gold in NYC, and they pay the highest gold prices, guaranteed. You don’t even have to live in the NYC area to sell to Buyers of New York. They buy gold from all over the US through mail-ins. Just go online to and fill out their form to request a fedex shipping label that is prepaid and the best way to sell your gold online.
Don’t be fooled by fly-by-night companies that claim to pay the highest prices for gold. Come to Buyers of New York, where you will be guaranteed to get the most cash for your gold items. To schedule an appointment, call 212-642-4345, and turn your broken, mismatched and unwanted gold items into cash today.

Cash For Gold Nyc

Buyers of New York

(212) 642-4345
30 W 47th St #8006

New York NY 10036 US

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