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Sell Gold Jewelry Nyc

Before you set out to sell your gold jewelry in NYC please follow these tips. New York Gold Buyers, wants to make sure that our customers are well informed. Our customers should feel confident when selling their gold jewelry. Especially when the gold jewelry they are selling meant something to them. The best place to start selling your gold jewelry is with us, New York Gold Buyers.

Our first tip when selling your gold jewelry, get a second opinion. When selling your gold jewelry, you want to look over each piece carefully. Take note of the weight, size, condition, etc. Before bringing your gold jewelry to New York Gold Buyers, bring it to a few places to get it appraised. You want to make sure you are getting a good price for your gold jewelry. New York Gold Buyers ensures that we will offer the most for your gold jewelry in NYC.

Second tip, know how much you have. Gold jewelry is almost always made from other alloys. Meaning, gold jewelry is usually not pure gold. An alloy is a metal that is composed of two or more metals. Usually, an alloy, is used to increase the strength or lasting power of your gold jewelry. When selling your gold jewelry, you will only get paid for the pure gold. 10-karat gold has about 41 percent of pure gold. 18-karat gold has about 58 percent of pure gold. 24-karat gold has 99.99 percent of pure gold in it.

Tip number three, know the price of gold. A New York Gold Buyers’ rep, will personally go over how much gold is going for that day with you. But it never hurts to do some research yourself. You can easily find how much gold is going for by per gram, ounce, kilo, etc. Just do a quick internet search and calculate about how much your gold jewelry could go for.

Tip number four, last tip. Do not sell your gold jewelry in NYC thinking you will get insanely rich from it. Most people who sell their gold jewelry do not get rich from it. You can but most likely not. However, selling your gold jewelry to New York Gold Buyers, you will get a little extra cash in your pocket.

Sell Gold Jewelry Nyc