Estate jewelryWhen you are looking to purchase Estate jewelry, whether on line or in person, you will definitely want start by visiting us at for all of your jewelry purchases. We have the one of the largest inventories of the finest jewelry pieces available throughout the world. We specialize in vintage and antique pieces from around the world, and bring them directly to you on our web site and in our Israel Rose store location. We have been established since 1973, and are a second generation run family business. When you place your trust in us, we will search diligently to provide you with the highest quality jewelry pieces.

When you choose, for your jewelry purchases, you can be assured that we have a vast selection of unique pieces, such as:



Art Deco

Various contemporary periods

At Israel Rose Jewelry, we are known as one of the top jewelry stores in the region. We are located directly in the Diamond and Jewelry District. Whether you want to visit our show room or shop in the comfort of your home, we will assist you in saving you time by giving you the shopping options that you are looking for. When you browse our web site at, you will enjoy a truly unique shopping experience as you search page by page of some of the most exquisite jewelry pieces to have ever been found.

When you are searching for Estate jewelry, Israel Rose Jewelry understands that there are many choices and options out there for you to select from. We have the confidence to assure you that when you visit us at, you will be highly pleased with the selections and quality of our items that can not be found anywhere else. We offer you the most exceptional and beautiful fine vintage pieces from across the world. We have a team of antique jewelry experts that have the experience and knowledge in acquiring some of the most incredible pieces of jewelry that have ever been found.

When you are searching for that perfect piece of jewelry to add to your collection, we understand you may want to view your selections in person. We have a user-friendly web site that allows you to schedule your viewing directly in our show room. You just fill out a short form available on our home page. We will immediately be in contact with you to schedule your viewing appointment. You may also wish to call us at 212.944.2370 to speak with one of our highly experienced jewelry experts.

When you select for your Estate jewelry purchases, you will be assured that you have chosen well. With one look at our web site, you will agree that we offer the highest quality fine jewelry pieces to be seen anywhere. You will enjoy the knowledge that we offer years of experience when it comes to antique vintage pieces of jewelry. When you put your trust in us, we guarantee your satisfaction.  

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Estate jewelry

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