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When it comes to selling your beautiful diamond jewelry, you’re going to have a lot of questions: how do I start the process? Where do I look for expert information? How do I find out my diamond worth? Let our experts guide you through the complex world of diamond jewelry appraisals, helping you know the different valuations and what they might mean when selling your diamond.

For the years, Orlando Jewelry Buyers has been providing honest and fair appraisals for customers looking to sell their diamond jewelry in Florida. You can call us at 407-645-4653 when you’re ready to sell your diamond jewelry. 

What Is A Diamond Appraisal?

In simple terms, a diamond appraisal is an evaluation of the quality of your diamond. It’s a document certifying what the piece is worth and showing how its value was established. It’s used primarily by insurance companies to protect you should your jewelry got stolen, lost, or damaged. Appraisals are much higher than the actual retail cost of the item. 

How Does The Diamond Appraisal Process Work?

The appraisal process allows us to inspect and accurately price your diamond jewelry. This process requires some time because of the many variables involved with evaluating diamond jewelry, so be prepared to spend up to an hour when you arrive for your scheduled appointment. 

Why Are GIA-Certified Buyers So Important? 

The Gemological Institute Of America offers the most respected program for jewelry buyers. At Orlando Jewelry Buyers, our  diamond buyers Miami have the expertise and skills to grade your diamond accurately. They are trained to determine the carat, cut, clarity, color, weight, and all other aspects of your diamond jewelry so that you can get the best price when it comes time to sell.

Our buyers also have a keen understanding of the Global Diamond Market, which means they can accurately determine the current worth of your piece based on the current market value. When selling your diamond jewelry, please bring any paperwork that you may have for your item, including appraisals and diamond grading certifications. We are happy to look at it with you and break down the information, so you understand what you have. 

Do We Buy All Types Of Diamonds?

At Orlando Jewelry Buyers, we specialize in buying all types of diamonds, and we consistently offer the highest prices. We also strive to deliver the best possible customer experience and providing the best price for your diamonds.

We Make Selling Your Diamond Jewelry Simple And Enjoyable

At Orlando Jewelry Buyers, our diamond buyers have decades of experience in buying diamond jewelry. We understand you want to get the most out of your diamonds; our buyers will evaluate the characteristics of your diamond and ensures you receive the very best value for your diamond jewelry. Our buyers have been trained to pay a competitive price in every market.

Have any diamond jewelry to sell? Reach us at 407-645-4653. We look forward to seeing you in any of our four convenient central Florida locations.






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