Best Magnetic Lashes

The mascara is no longer enough when you want a photogenic eye-opening effect. While most of us will go about our day without lashes, it does help to own a pair of subtle and dramatic pairs for that gorgeous effect for different events. Magnetic lashes are the new craze in the lash industry because they do not involve the annoying glue. More so, some people despise the thought of magnetic lashes entirely because they are not used to the idea of using sharp objects and dangerous chemicals near the eye.

So, how do you choose the best magnetic eyelashes to add the right amount of lash line for a gorgeous eye?

A review of our magnetic lashes

Notable beauty

A lash extension should be appealing because it makes a difference to your eyes to make them fuller, longer, and more prominent. We stock the finest selections to steal the show so that you can find something for your everyday wear or a photoshoot that deserves dramatically sultry lashes with a mesmerizing effect both in person and on the camera lens.

Easy to use

Magnetic lashes are much easier to use than all other kinds of lashes because they do not involve the messy process of using lash glue. There is no fuss about how you should apply the magnetic glue, as long as it is enough to hold onto the lashes. It is also easy to trim the lashes for a more perfect and natural effect that accentuates your eye’s outer corner and shape.

The worst part about the traditional kind of lenses is the process of pulling them apart. These lashes are easier to peel off and tend to get even easier as you practice. Our lash sets and glue do not produce a tacky mess, and you can quickly push them off with your fingers without damaging the lash line or your natural eyelashes. Most importantly, it only takes a couple of seconds to apply and pull apart the lashes without feeling any pain.

A range of styles

Are you looking for different kinds of lashes for different events? Our lashes bring out all these different treatments to your eye because they have a multitude of shapes. You will love the Shy and Mini lashes if you love the natural look or the queen pair if you want a more glammed look.


The magnetic lashes hit the industry in a storm; hence people will stock up as much as they can when they find a style that matches their beauty style. Where can you get a constant supply of magnetic lashes that give just the right subtle sexiness and do not damage the eyes?

The Sparkly Girl has stocked beautiful and charming lashes since the launch of its online store. You can always find them available at affordable prices, so you do not have a reason to keep a backup pair of the messy gluey mess. Feel free to check out the store now to buy the right pair, magnetic lash applicator, and transparent lash glue for your effortless eye makeup.

Best Magnetic Lashes