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Inspired by the unique patterns and the vibrant, colorful combinations in the streets of Africa, Shade of Me is all about happy stripes and colors, creating new chic and casual pieces that are easy to wear for all occasions. Between practices of cultural honor and uncompromising quality, our team at Shade of Me has established a uniqueness marked by self-evolving timelessness.

We consistently seek new ways of presenting men and women with black-style clothing that enhances and embraces their everyday experiences. Forward-looking, sleek design overlaps with themes and details that are drawn from Africa’s storied past and exhilarating futures, offering intricate, smart African clothes that mirror the exciting qualities of the people we make them for.

Our Story

Shade of Me was founded with the goal of keeping African design techniques and practices alive while also creating jobs. Our clothes are created with timeless design in mind, so we carefully design a style that transcends trends, and you can wear season after season. Focusing on African clothing is effortless, elegant and beautifully made; we have created a brand that redefines affordable luxury.

Today, we create clothing that celebrates African culture and timeless design. We are not just creating clothing; we also create symbols, make notes on culture, capture moments, and collaborate for personal freedoms.

The Brand Mission

As one of the top African clothing brands, our mission is to iterate for sustainability while highlighting unique African patterns and rich colors through versatile and practical pieces. Our collections are evidenced by strong structural cuts, colorful accents, and bold prints. The brand’s design procedure is the result of a ground-breaking process that allows us to create iconic African prints. Our pieces are known for being adjustable, wearable, and convertible across various sizes for a lengthy lifecycle.

At Shade of Me, we believe that confidence and coverage don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Our outfits are made to give our customers a second-skin feeling. Our confidence as one of the top black-owned fashion brands is dependent on how confident our customers feel trying on our wear for the first time. We also make it a point to include always our customers in the creative process.

Not Like Any Other Brand

Shade of Me is different; we have a simple goal: selling great quality and highly affordable African clothing and, by doing so, helping promote African cultures and creating great jobs. Every clothing that bears our name is made from the highest quality materials while meeting the highest ethical standards. Our clothing offers a seamless blend of fashion and functionality. And they are designed for everyday use and designed to last.

With a unique vision for the future of our African clothes store and the outfit you want to own, our customers’ feedback is always important to us. Our African clothes store continue to grow, making every piece of our clothing better than the last, with your African clothes ideas at the forefront of our brand.

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